Dental Studio DRO offers only the best implant systems of renowned world manufacturers.

Implants represent the most adequate titanium replacements for lost teeth, because the transfer of pressure on the bone during chewing is most similar to natural tooth, unlike transfer of pressure in the case of prosthesis that lie on gums, or even dental bridges that use surrounding teeth to bear the load.

Most important advantage of implants is preservation of surrounding teeth, by avoiding filling down surrounding teeth, which is necessary in the case of dental bridges or bone resorption when wearing prosthesis.

After implants have been installed, definite prosthetic work can be made of metal-ceramic dental bridges, non-metal crowns, combination of these two, and also prosthesis on mini implants.

Dental Studio DRO with its team of experts offers you top results, by choosing the right therapy plan, adequate surgical technique as well as prosthetic treatments.

Harmony of your mouth and teeth is our priority.